I was a surf bum wannabe. I left home at age 17 and moved to Southern California to try to take up surfing as a vocation, but this was in 1964, and there was this nasty little thing called the Vietnam War. As a result, I got drafted.

Craig Venter

Craig Venter

Profession: Businessman
Nationality: American

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The pace of digitizing life has been increasing exponentially.

There's a lot of what I call 'bio-babble' and hype out there from a lot of bioenergy companies.

I hope I'll be remembered for my scientific contribution to understanding life and human life.

Each part of our genome is unique. We would not be alive if there was not a single mathematical solution for our chromosomes. We would just be scrambled goo.

We find all kinds of species that have taken up a second chromosome or a third one from somewhere, adding thousands of new traits in a second to that species. So, people who think of evolution as just one gene changing at a time have missed much of biology.

Right now, oil is being isolated around the globe, and there is a major effort in shipping, trucking and otherwise transporting that oil around to a very finite number of refineries. Biology allows us to make these same fuels in a much more distributed fashion.

Race has no genetic or scientific basis.

We can do genetics. We can do experiments on fruit flies. We can do experiments on yeast. It's not so easy to do experiments on humans. So, in fact, it helps us, to interpret our own genetic code, to have the genetic code of the other species.

Creating life at the speed of light is part of a new industrial revolution. Manufacturing will shift from centralised factories to a distributed, domestic manufacturing future, thanks to the rise of 3D printer technology.

We can create new food substances.

We have 100 genes or so, which we know we can't knock out without killing the cell, that are of unknown structure.

The gene 'klotho' was named after the Greek Fate purported to spin the thread of life, because it contributes to longevity.

Fred Sanger was one of the most important scientists of the 20th century.

Sailing is a big outlet for me. It's one of the key things I've been able to do by commingling science with sailing and my love of the sea. Also, I have several motorcycles, and I like to go on motorcycle trips.