I feel like everything has happened naturally.

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling

Profession: Actor
Nationality: Canadian

Some suggestions for you :

I think that you can sort of have your own personal journey and you know, you can just kind of apply that to whatever characters you're playing.

I think we're very complicated and we're capable of all kinds of things, and movies don't reflect that.

I was highly influenced by violence.

Some of the styles of dance in 'La La Land' I wish I had spent time on when I was a kid.

Women are better than men.

I danced a little as a kid here in Canada: in Ottawa at the Elite Dance Studio and at the Top Hat Dance School in Cornwall where I grew up. So I had some experience of having to learn routines.

They say never meet your heroes. But the addendum to that is 'unless they're Harrison Ford.'

I'm not very good at knowing what people want. I don't have that talent. The best I can do is make films that resonate with me and see what happens.

I'm glad I have an outlet. I don't think I would put my aggression elsewhere, but working on the projects I have worked on, you tend to benefit personally from trying to wrap your head around the way other people look at the world.

I had a lot of romanticised ideas of what Detroit was like, but I didn't get there until I was 30, and it was very different than I had imagined it.

I got a Twitter because some guy was pretending to be me.

The people of Disney are so incredibly amazing; they are so nice.

I've learned it's important not to limit yourself. You can do whatever you really love to do, no matter what it is.

My mom was really cool.