I could say, 'I want to play a French-African humpback,' but I probably won't get that role.

Martin Freeman

Martin Freeman

Profession: Actor
Nationality: British

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When people bully us, we are complicit in it in some way. We do allow it to happen to some extent.

On the surface, you think you wouldn't have to think at all about being asked to play Bilbo in 'The Hobbit.' It's not prison; it's a good gig. But you know it's going to take a long time, and it does. There are times when you thought: 'Gee, I've not seen my house for months.'

Actors are people who are doing a job they want to do, which isn't the case for many of the people who watch what we do.

I'm not posh or common, I'm in between.

Like, honest to God, I don't expect people to be into what I'm into.

To be honest, if people thought my performance in 'The Office' was the same as my performance in 'The Hobbit,' it would tell me everything I needed to know about what they know about acting.

The best of American television is thought-provoking, original, brilliant, exciting - from 'The Sopranos' on, whether it's 'The Wire' or 'Breaking Bad' or 'House of Cards,' they're fantastic pieces of art.

I don't like 'cool telly.'

I don't have sentimental attachments to characters at all.

My job as an actor is for you, so why should my private life be for you, too? That's not fair.

When I was at youth theatre and drama school, I never thought people would mistake me for a stand-up.

I like life to surprise me.

I have quite catholic taste in music.

I can't actually believe how good 'The Sopranos' is. I genuinely am dumbfounded by it. It's like when you realize how good The Beatles are, and you think, 'How did they do that?'