That life was full of rules. Too many rules; it was a prepacked kind of life.

V. S. Naipaul

V. S. Naipaul

Profession: Author
Nationality: British

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Certain emotions bridge the years and link unlikely places.

Africans need to be kicked, that's the only thing they understand.

Look, boys, it ever strike you that the world not real at all? It ever strike you that we have the only mind in the world and you just thinking up everything else? Like me here, having the only mind in the world, and thinking up you people here, thinking up the war and all the houses and the ships and them in the harbour. That ever cross your mind?

How can you be an atheist and have an ideology to go with it? To be an atheist is to be free of some areas of belief. I don't see how that can become an ideology.

Whatever extra there is in me at any given moment isn't fully formed. I am hardly aware of it; it awaits the next book. It will - with luck - come to me during the actual writing, and it will take me by surprise.

Like many isolated people, they were wrapped up in themselves and not too interested in the world outside.

An autobiography can distort; facts can be realigned. But fiction never lies: it reveals the writer totally.

I have trusted to my intuition to find the subjects, and I have written intuitively. I have an idea when I start, I have a shape; but I will fully understand what I have written only after some years.

Neither my father nor grandfather could put dates to their stories. Not because they had forgotten or were confused; the past was simply the past.

Though it was a comfort on occasion to play with the idea that outside this place a whole life waited for me, all the relationships that bind a man to the earth and give him a feeling of having a place.

The world outside existed in a kind of darkness; and we inquired about nothing.

I don't feel I can speak with authority for many other people.

It was a light which gave solidity to everything and drew colour out from the heart of objects.

Whatever they say about going back to the beginning, they’ll be interested in the car.