'The Hobbit's a big gig. It's a huge circus that you become a part of.

Martin Freeman

Martin Freeman

Profession: Actor
Nationality: British

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I'm a big believer that life changes as much as you want it to.

I wasn't like a Fifties dad.

Humour is - how do I say this without sounding pompous - it's a huge part of my life.

Half of us are partly German! Half our language and culture, generally, in Anglo-Saxon terms, is German.

Trouble is, some accents lend themselves to comedy.

My default state is wariness.

Being an actor is just like being any other sort of self-employed person - we're all just happy to have a job in the first place, but we also thrive off the uncertainty of it.

I think the hardest part about anything you do for 18 months is just keeping yourself together for 18 months.

Acting is the only thing I'm even vaguely good at and acting is something that I think I do know about.

Don't get me wrong - I'm a big fan of things American - but when American people do British stuff, it's so universally dreadful.

In my life, the strongest evidence of any fandom is 'Sherlock' - 'Hobbit' fans are positively restrained.

There was very little drama and performance at my school, so I've never forgotten the people who did encourage me and I've thought whether it would be a good idea to even get in touch with them and just say thanks, because they really opened a door for me mentally and emotionally - that's really important.

'The Hobbit' would have been very difficult to pass on, do you know what I mean? It's not the kind of ship that comes into dock very often.

I buy DVDs. I don't really buy CDs unless they're for other people.