Equality for everybody is great. That would be amazing.

Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe

Profession: Actor
Nationality: American

Equality for everybody is great. That would be amazing. Rob Lowe

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Matthew Lowe is one of the great water men that I know. He's a surfer, a great water polo player. I think he's half fish.

Like most guys, I don't come to beauty regimes naturally. I'm dragged kicking and screaming by the best in the world.

Marriage is becoming sort of fake. It's almost like a handbag. Everybody wants the newest, greatest and latest. It becomes an event, and it's definitely a status symbol in our society. I'm not saying it shouldn't be; it absolutely should be - but you shouldn't be focusing on that.

I've gotten to believe it's more fun to play politicians than actually be them.

I'm a registered Independent.

I have a lot of great memories, but I can't imagine anything more exciting than the life I have now.

The term 'celebrity memoir' has gotten such a bad name now, but there used to be a little bit of an art form to it.

Oh my God, I love rehab! I highly recommend it.

JFK is a role I've always dreamt of playing.

I have other obligations now - the show, my family, my life... though I know that without my sobriety I wouldn't have any of those things.

As a person navigating the waters of public scrutiny, you are often unable to hold on to personal heroes or villains. Inevitably you will meet your hero, and he may turn out to be less than impressive, while your villain turns out to be the coolest cat you've ever met.

It's funny what actors take issue with. Some won't do parts where animals are in jeopardy; some won't ever play anyone remotely unlikable - 'Heroes only, please.' Some won't do violence. I have no such qualms.

If you treat China like a foe, surely she will become one.

If you're telling a story, and somebody is going to come out badly, it better be you.