There is a beauty in the world, though it's harsher than we expect it to be.

Michael Cunningham

Michael Cunningham

Profession: Novelist
Nationality: American

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This is what you do. You make a future for yourself out of the raw material at hand.

Maybe there is nothing, ever, that can equal the recollection of having been young together.

On a summer night it can be lovely to sit around outside with friends after dinner and, yes, read poetry to each other. Keats and Yeats will never let you down, but it's differently exciting to read the work of poets who are still walking around out there.

He felt himself entering a moment so real he could only run toward it, shouting.

Beauty - the beauty Peter craves - is this, then: a human bundle of accidental grace and doom and hope. Mizzy must have hope, he must, he wouldn't shine like this if he were in true despair, and of course he's young, who in this world despairs more exquisitely than the young, it's something the old tend to forget.

Who has more power than a child? She can be as cruel as she wants to be. He can't.

Our hopes may seem unrealized, but we were in all likelihood hoping for the wrong thing.

Youth is the only sexy tragedy. It's James Dean jumping into his Porsche Spyder, it's Marilyn heading off to bed.

Catherine thought Simon was in the locket, and in heaven, and with them still. Lucas hoped she didn't expect him to be happy about having so many Simons to contend with.

What did Shakespeare say? Or little lives are rounded with a sleep.

Have faith that you will be here, recognizable to yourself, again tomorrow.

Morning, Peter, she calls.

In heaven, Lucas would be beautiful. He'd speak a language everyone understood.

I was still struggling to invent an alternate version of myself, someone proud and unflinching who could gaze levelly at his father and tell him his last secrets. I wanted him to know me; to have seen me. I'd been waiting until I was settled and fulfilled, so as to present myself in terms of a happiness he might understand.