Going unnoticed has never been my strong suit.

Jerry Lewis

Jerry Lewis

Profession: Humorist
Nationality: American

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From 1936 on, I have taken more falls than any other 20 comedians put together. From the time I was 21, I've taken them on everything from clay courts to cement to wood floors, coming off pianos, going out a two-story window, landing on Dean, falling into the rough. You do that and you're gonna have problems.

Red is uplifting.

There's nothing more dramatic than the comedy I've done. Because the comedy I've done is to get to the audience, get them to feel it, or they won't laugh.

When you're 89, dementia develops. I mean, I've told a story onstage, and I'm telling it with a full heart, and I forgot the damn punch line.

If you're an old pro, you know how well you're doing when you're doing it, and your inner government spanks you if you're not doing well.

I never stop working.

When you're doing a different kind of film, you have to bring a different kind of attitude; you have to bring a different kind of concentration.

I was once six feet tall, but at 85, I'm now five feet four.

Gambling is part of the human condition. I love it. I have the best time gambling. I've been winning fortunes, and I've been losing them.

Every day is another something that comes along.

I got the 'Max Rose' script, and I fell in love with it. It just hit me. It was something that needed to be made.

Love is what makes you dream, and love is what makes you want to get up in the morning. Love is something that you want to be a part of because it makes you better.

I have always said that I cannot allow the child within me to die. It's kept me alive.

When I hit around 65, 66, I started to feel tremendous worth and incredible personal esteem. I was becoming very cognisant of my contribution to the American spirit of helping your fellow man and all of the good stuff.