The film I did with Bobby De Niro, 'The King of Comedy' - an awful lot came to me out of that movie because De Niro never allowed me any room to be crazy. If I had tried to play it the way I would normally play it and get hysterical, Bobby would punch me.

Jerry Lewis

Jerry Lewis

Profession: Humorist
Nationality: American

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I don't like any female comedians.

Going unnoticed has never been my strong suit.

I was once six feet tall, but at 85, I'm now five feet four.

The beauty of love, as far as I'm concerned, is it makes you better. It makes you stronger. It gives you direction. It gives you understanding of what life is and what we've been given.

I like to watch all those shows that shouldn't be on the air - reality shows.

The people at Columbia Pictures have been great, but I had to tell them, 'Please don't be nice to me. Just pay me.'

You want to know why Barbra Streisand is so difficult? Because she's brilliant. She's a brilliant entertainer, she's a brilliant lady, and she's a wonderful human being, and the community doesn't like it.

I started as a writer. I had the dumb act, but I made my living from writing.

I want to know why the government of this country can't take care of the people who are keeping us safe?

When you're 89, dementia develops. I mean, I've told a story onstage, and I'm telling it with a full heart, and I forgot the damn punch line.

Getting attention is my business. My whole life's predicated on, 'Hey, look at me!'

What happens at 90 is that I don't walk so good, my eyes are going, I can't hear well, and I'm getting all of the 90s residuals.

Every day is another something that comes along.

The young man who's had the Guggenheim fortune behind him all his life - he can hire all the authorities on the subject to teach him how to do a monologue, but he's never going to have the right stuff to pull it off. If he doesn't walk out onstage needing to walk out there, he doesn't have a dream of doing well.