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William Gibson

William Gibson

Profession: Author
Nationality: American

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Science fiction was one of those places, particularly during the McCarthy era, where you could write whatever you wanted because it was beneath contempt. They didn't bother censoring it.

Time moves in one direction, memory in another.

I don't much live my life as if I was living in a Raymond Chandler novel, which is probably a good thing.

Whenever I read a contemporary literary novel that describes the world we're living in, I wait for the science fiction tools to come out. Because they have to - the material demands it.

I think the least important thing about science fiction for me is its predictive capacity.

The thing that 'Neuromancer' predicts as being actually like the Internet isn't actually like the Internet at all!

I'm happiest with people who've gotten furthest from traditional ideas of nationalism.

The history of the past, a hundred years from now, won't be the history of the past that we learned in school because much more will have been revealed, and adjectives we can't even imagine will have been brought to bear on what we did learn in school.

I don't begin a novel with a shopping list - the novel becomes my shopping list as I write it.

Futurists get to a certain age and, as one does, they suddenly recognize their own mortality.

I think with one exception I've never changed an opening sentence after a book was completed.

I started with Apple, in a pre-Windows era when PCs seemed to involve more of a learning curve. But the fact that I'm yet to acquire so much as a single virus still seems a very good thing.

In a sense, if you're not getting it wrong really a lot when you're creating imaginary futures, then you're just not doing it enough. You're not creating enough imaginary futures.

For years I have been mourning and not for my dead, it is for this boy for whatever corner in my heart died when his childhood slid out of my arms.