As you pray for the Holy Spirit to make you aware of thoughts that come into your mind that don't line up with God's Word, you'll begin to realize when those thoughts come and you can renew your mind with the Word.

Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer

Profession: Author
Nationality: American

Some suggestions for you :

Much of everyday life is filled with opportunities to be distracted. Our possessions... entertainment... cares and anxieties... and even the passionate desire and pursuit of things, some good and not so good, can keep our minds and hearts caught up in a flurry of activity.

A positive attitude gives you power over your circumstances instead of your circumstances having power over you.

Yes, God does expect us to live holy, consecrated lives. But not even the best of our intentions can make it happen. Thankfully, He doesn't expect us to make ourselves holy. He just wants us to learn to depend on Him to make us holy.

Pride is the problem, humility is the answer.

Until you pray, God cannot work.

Life isn't fair, but God is.

Words are containers for power, you choose what kind of power they carry.

Real Christianity can be summed up in two commands: Love God, and love people.

Pride can make a leader a loser. Humility is freedom from that destructive attitude.

When we trust God more than our feelings, it confuses the devil. I mean, when he throws you his best shot and he can't budge you from believing God, he won't know what to do with you anymore.

Instead of being critical of people in authority over you and envious of their position, be happy you're not responsible for everything they have to do. Instead of piling on complaints, thank them for what they do. Overwhelm them with encouragement and appreciation!

A lot of times, people make other people responsible for their joy: 'You're not making me happy, you're not doing this, you're not doing that.'

If you want to live in the fullness of God's anointing, fill your mouth with His Word.

Giving a compliment doesn't cost anything. It's just one great way to encourage those around you today.