God's mercy is fresh and new every morning.

Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer

Profession: Author
Nationality: American

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Real life is the life that's in you, not your circumstances, like where you live or what job you have or who you're in relationship with.

It's just human nature to try and figure things out. So, when we're in the midst of a situation, we usually try to reason our way through it.

If we are hungry enough for God, we will find a way into His presence. We should be so hungry for the presence of God that we absolutely will not go out of our house or tackle any kind of project until we have spent some time with Him.

If your inner life is not producing what you would like on the outside, don't be discouraged... just be willing to change.

I am radically, insanely, nutty in love with Jesus!

I just think overall there's not as many female ministers than there are male ministers.

I like to talk to myself ahead of time so when temptation comes, I've already made up my mind that I have the victory.

We can fear things into existence. Fear looks into the future and imagines the worst that can happen.

Humility is the most beautiful virtue that we can develop.

When you focus on how wonderful God is and all the great things He's done... is doing... and even will do in your life, your natural response will be praise, adoration and awe. Don't let yourself ever get used to it... stay amazed!

Our words will either bring life and victory or death and destruction. If we want to be happy, we have to be serious about speaking words of life that line up with God's Word.

Choosing an attitude of faith will release peace out of your spirit and into your soul.

Instead of blaming everyone and everything else for your problems, pray for God to help you take an inventory of what's been on your mind so you can think about what you've been thinking about.

Teachers can change lives with just the right mix of chalk and challenges.