So? Most people hate their jobs. That's why they're called jobs.

David Nicholls

David Nicholls

Profession: Novelist
Nationality: British

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Then Emma Mayhew dies, and everything that she thought or felt vanishes and is gone forever.

An amusing story? She jabs the call button as if poking an eye. She doesn't want an amusing story, she wants change, a break, not anecdotes. Her life has been stuffed with anecdotes, an endless string of the bastards, now she wants something to right for once. She wants success, or at least the hope of it.

If you have to keep a secret it's because you shouldn't be doing it in the first place.

In the future, I'll be braver, she told herself. In the future, I will always speak my mind, eloquently, passionately.

He put one hand lightly on the back of her neck and simultaneously she placed one hand lightly on his hip, and they kissed in the street as all around them people hurried home in the summer light, and it was the sweetest kiss that either of them would ever know. This is where it all begins. Everything starts here, today. And then it was over.

At university, I used to write silly little sketches and monologues, but never fiction.

Don't run before you can walk.

Everything was fine, and she had the rare, new sensation of being exactly where she wanted to be.

It's in vain to recall the past, unless it works some influence upon the present. Charles Dickens, David Copperfield.

Maybe if you listen to Radio 4 enough from an early age, you just get educated subliminally.

I love you is an interesting phrase, in that apparently small alterations–taking away the I, adding a word like lots or loads–render it meaningless.

The unrequited love of ones' only living offspring has its own particular slow acid burn.

Self-pitying, self-righteous, self-important, all the selfs except self-confident, the quality that she always needed the most.

This might sound really foolish, but when I came to Edinburgh in 1988 I had spent nearly all my life living south of Bristol, and I was just amazed that a city like Edinburgh was actually in the British isles.