In my opinion, mountains don't move. They only look changed when you look down on them from a greaty height.

Barbara Kingsolver

Barbara Kingsolver

Profession: Novelist
Nationality: American

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But the pill did nothing, probably expired like everything else on the premises.

And fairly enough she thought, for that was the way of the world. A road was to be driven upon. The candy dish was there to be eaten, money in the bank got spent, people claimed whatever they could get their hands on. Wasn't that more or less automatic? For a human being to do any less seemed impossible.

The better part of friendship might be holding one's tongue over the prospect of self-made wreckage.

Penitence is more attainable than permission.

Sylvain told us that in India it's sometimes considered a purification ritual to go home and spend a year eating everything from one place--ideally, even to grow it yourself. I liked this name for what we had done: a purification ritual, to cultivate health and gratitude. It sounds so much better than wackadoo.

The larger the corporation, the more distant its motives are apt to be from the original spirit of organic farming—and the farther the products will likely be shipped to buyers who will smile at the happy farm picture on the package, and never be the wiser.

To hear you tell it, you'd think man was only put on this earth to keep urinals from going to waste.

Daddy and I got married kind of accidentally.

It is widely rumored, and also true, that I wrote my first novel in a closet.

Listen: being dead is not worse than being alive. It is different though. You could say the view is larger.

But luck is just throwing dice.

Sometimes I prayed for Baby Jesus to make me good, but Baby Jesus didn't.

I never learn anything from listening to myself.

I understood that the terror of my recurring dream was not about losing just vision, but the whole of myself, whatever that was. What you lose in blindness is the space around you, the place where you are, and without that you might not exist. You could be nowhere at all.