I love insult, it's always honest.

Joyce Carol Oates

Joyce Carol Oates

Profession: Author
Nationality: American

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We never have time, do we, for all that we don't exactly want to do.

There should really not be anything gratuitous in a work of art. Sometimes what seems as if it's gratuitous may be a passage in which a character is being characterized so that the reader comes to know him or her better.

When my brother called to inform me, on the morning of May 22, 2003, that our mother Caroline Oates had died suddenly of a stroke, it was a shock from which, in a way, I have yet to recover.

Mom was furious at the way people abandoned their pets in the country—As if animals aren't human, too.

The kind of man, who, every time he steps through a doorway, he's squinting anxious to see if he's welcome. Even when the doorway is his own.

That glass sliver in the heart. Amid a fluttery-delicious Benzedrine rush, virtually every remark made to you is freighted with destiny, a sweet-painful stab in the heart. And Benzedrine and champagne, what a combination! The Blond Actress was only just discovering what everybody else in Hollywood knew.

As if whoever it was held that camera was her closest friend. Or maybe it was the camera that was her closest friend.

If marriage is a masquerade, there is the very real danger that masks may slip.

But how is it justice, God? Why do I deserve this? She waited. God declined to reply. How.

For what is delusion but the prelude to hurt. And what is hurt but the prelude to rage.

In the throat, the male is as vulnerable as the female. Once the sharp points of the shears pierce his skin, puncture the artery, there will be no turning back for either of them.

I'm nobody's daughter now. I'm through with that.

I am infatuated with the private life, and with anonymity; perhaps even invisibility.

Knowing now I would never be alone again never lonely again as in those years God allowed me to be thus as if He did not exist forcing onto me the bitter knowledge that He did not exist in truth or if He did His existence touched in no way upon my own.