The old blood is indeed still strong in the Two Rivers.

Robert Jordan

Robert Jordan

Profession: Author
Nationality: American

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The weak must be bold cautiously.

When an officer runs by with a look like that on his face, you don’t ask if he needs help. You just follow!

Sometimes, it was difficult to tell Nynaeve leading from Nynaeve bullying.

Women do not become exhausted they only exhaust others.

Light's truth, if you got a woman to feed you on a regular basis, she was halfway won.

This was not the first time she had squeezed meanings from his words that he never knew were in them.

No man can walk so long in the Shadow that he cannot come again to the Light.

Blood and bloody ashes. Even dead women treated him the way Nynaeve did. Where did they learn it? Were there secret lessons?

She stood in one smooth motion, surprisingly pale where the sun not touch her, slender and hard-muscled, yet with roundnesses and softnesses that haunted his dreams.

Almost everyone stopped when he did, but Enaila and Jalani exchanged glances and kept on right past him toward the garden. He raised his voice a fraction and hardened it considerably more. The Maidens here will come with me. Anyone who wants to put on a dress and discuss matchmaking can stay behind.

How can any man tell all that he knows, Great Lord, the little man said smoothly. It would be only prattle, until it becomes useful.

In the last, lorn fight 'gainst the fall of long night, the mountains stand guard, and the dead shall be ward, for the grave is no bar to my call.

Domon would learn; even when a woman needed help, if she did not want it, she made you pay for giving it.

Usually when a woman was in the wrong, she could find so many things to blame on the nearest man that he wound up thinking maybe he really was at fault.