He had gone right through fear and come out the other side in some place cold. Anger was all that kept him warm. They could gentle him, or burn him to a crisp where he stood, and he no longer cared.

Robert Jordan

Robert Jordan

Profession: Author
Nationality: American

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My mother says men are different from us. She says we want to be in love, but only with the one we want; a man needs to be in love, but he will love the first woman to tie a string to his heart. - Egwene, speaking to Elayne.

If this was another bit of his ta'veren tugging at the Pattern, it was a bit he could have done without.

Your body is only clothing. Your flesh will wither, but you are your heart and mind, and they do not change except to grow stronger.

It's always a man's fault. One.

He could almost hear the growling chuckles stifled in their throats while they waited for him.

Sprinklewort, Mat said. It'll turn her mouth blue for a week, maybe two. And she won't share the sweetbuns with anyone, except maybe her Warders. Joline is addicted to the things. She must have eaten seven or eight bags' worth since we got to Caemlyn.

Peel the apple in your hand, girl, not the one on the tree, Lini's thin voice seemed to whisper in her ear. Tears are for after; they just waste time before.

The more power a man held, the more likely he was to be an idiot with it.

Do you believe a man must be hard? she asked. She was taking a chance. Or strong? By her tone, she left no doubt she saw a difference.

Take what you want, and pay for it.

Perrin suspected Lini was one of those women who saw her place as being in charge. Come to think of it, most women did. That was the way of the world, it seemed, not just the Two Rivers.

You read too much and understand too little.

It was an awkward morning, made for unpleasant thoughts.

Blood and bloody ashes. Even dead women treated him the way Nynaeve did. Where did they learn it? Were there secret lessons?