Ila was giving me advice on being a woman, Egwene replied absently. He began laughing, and she gave him a hooded, dangerous look that he failed to see. Advice! Nobody tells us how to be men. We just are. That, Egwene said, is probably why you make such a bad job of it. Up ahead, Elyas cackled loudly.

Robert Jordan

Robert Jordan

Profession: Author
Nationality: American

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Death came for every man eventually, and seldom where or when he expected.

She wanted to learn. Sometimes it seemed an unending thirst; however much she absorbed, she could not quench it. That.

As the Wheel of Time turns, places wear many names. Men wear many names, many faces. Different faces, but always the same man. Yet no one knows the Great Pattern the Wheel weaves, or even the Pattern of an Age. We can only watch, and study, and hope.

This wind, it was not the ending. There are no endings, and never will be endings, to the turning of the Wheel of Time. But it was an ending.

When you saw me with a dagger in hand - as if to throw at you - you didn't call for your guards. You didn't fear I was here to kill you. You looked over your shoulder to see what I was aiming at. That's the most loving gesture I think a man could receive from a woman. Unless you'd like to sit on my knee for a while...

An honorable man protects whoever needs protecting, but children above all, and women above men.

Strangers and a gleeman, fireworks and a peddler. It was going to be the best Bel Tine ever.

Only if you count bruises, Min said grimly. They were upset, all right, at first. Then they saw Moiraine staring off toward Rand's hidey-hole, and decided it was his work. If the.

Facing them (men) with knives and spears was much easier than loving them, much easier.

The thief-catcher looked as if he would rather clean the cages with his bare hands. The lions' cages, with the lions inside.

Anything can be a weapon, if the man or woman who holds it has the nerve and will to make it so.

Kill a man who needs killing, and sometimes others pay for it. The question is, was it worth doing it anyway? There's always a balance, you know. Good and evil. Light and Shadow. We would not be human if there wasn't a balance.

Men!" Min muttered at the door. "Too blind to see what a stone could see, and too stubborn to be trusted to think for themselves.

Change what you can if it needs changing, but learn to live with what you can't change.