A productive employee who is kept busy working at his or her job is far more likely to be happy at that job and less likely to look for employment elsewhere.

Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar

Profession: Author
Nationality: American

Some suggestions for you :

Don't let the mistakes and disappointments of the past control and direct your future.

Some of us learn from other people's mistakes and the rest of us have to be other people.

Timid salesmen have skinny kids.

Value and purpose are about understanding the specific benefits you will help people receive if they receive what you have for them.

When you give directives to a child, especially a teenager, you must consider the nature of your child.

Honesty and integrity are absolutely essential for success in life … all areas of life.

Most people consider me an optimist because I laughingly state that I would take my last two dollars and buy a money belt.

If you can dream it, you can achieve it.

I'm a constant learner. You need to be a constant student because things change and you have to change and grow. And I emphasize the word 'grow.'

When you are tough on yourself, life is going to be infinitely easier on you.

You never know when one kind act, or one word of encouragement, can change a life forever.

We all need a daily checkup from the neck up to avoid stinkin' thinkin' which ultimately leads to hardening of the attitudes.

Being a winner is much different from having the potential to win. Everyone has the potential; it's what you do with that potential that really matters.

All one needs to do is read - books, magazines, research the Internet - and pay attention to the influencers in their lives to discover the myriad people of strong moral character who have and still are making positive, meaningful contributions and differences in our world.