When I was a kid, I played basketball religiously. I begged my mom to get me voice lessons because I wanted to learn to sing the right way, but at the same time, I was playing Junior Olympic basketball, and I was playing point guard for my school. But I was wanting to get into entertainment, into music and film and television.

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake

Profession: Musician
Nationality: American

When I was a kid, I played basketball religiously. I begged my mom to get me voice lessons because I.. Justin Timberlake

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I used to keep my Air Jordans icy white. I had one toothbrush for my teeth - and a couple of toothbrushes for my shoes.

My teenage years were exactly what they were supposed to be. Everybody has their own path. It's laid out for you. It's just up to you to walk it.

Just writing and being in the studio was like therapy for me.

My career decisions have nothing to do with my personal life.

I needed freedom to really express myself. That's really what Justified is about.

Hosting 'SNL' was something I'd always wanted to do. The show allowed me to play to my strengths - mixing music with comedy seemed like a way into that world.

The hardest part about making movies is staying the exact same weight every day and looking the same.

Senorita was fun to sing, but I don't really have a favorite. When you write a bunch of songs, they're like your babies. You don't pick favorites.

I'm a mutt as far as music is concerned because I listen to everything.

You can say things a million times, but if you can't sing it, then it really isn't much of a song.

I think when I was about 12 or 13, my dad started taking me out to the local golf course, and that's the first time I ever hit a golf ball. I picked it up pretty quickly, just kind of monkey-see, monkey-do. But when I was 12, golf was so slow to me. For me, it was basketball, girls and music.

I'm very thankful to be doing what I'm doing. I feel very blessed.

My mother is a ball of fire in the world, and I love that about her. But what I have learned from my stepdad is something as important, which is patience and compassion. Because when you are living with someone else, those two qualities go a long way.

I sang in church growing up. Memphis is the blues capital of the world, we like to say.