Meghan, whispered a voice, heart wrenchingly familiar, drawing me out of the void. I recognized it immediately, just as I realized it was a figment of my desperate imagination, because the real owner of that voice would never be here, talking to me.

Julie Kagawa

Julie Kagawa

Profession: Author
Nationality: American

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I wasn't thinking of his blood, rushing just below the skin. I wasn't thinking of his heartbeat or his touch or the pulse at his throat. Right now, all I was thinking of was Zeke.

I've seen thousands of mortal girls, he said softly, more.

What lies beneath this envelope of flesh and blood, hmm? Is it something special? Perhaps, when I peel it open, I will be able to see. Perhaps your screams will tell me everything I need to know.

Part of me wanted to walk up to him and hug him from behind, and part of me wanted to hurl a snowball at his perfect face to get some kind of reaction.

Growing up on the fringe, you came to accept hard truths. Nothing was fair. the world was cold, unforgiving, and people died. it was just the way things were.

Pulling out the chain, I closed my fingers around Zeke's cross, closing my eyes. The edges pressed into my palm as I remembered, forcing myself to recall what he'd told me once. You're not evil, he had whispered, those bright, solemn blue eyes staring into me, peeling away every defense. No one who fights so hard to do the right thing is evil.

At least I know the truth, I gritted back. I'm not the one who's being lied to. His brow furrowed, and I spat the truth at him.

You tell the false king he doesn't have to send anyone to get me, I said in the firmest voice I could manage. I'm coming for him. I'm coming for him, and when I find him, I'm going to kill him.

For the rest of my existence, if I lived to see the end of this world, there would never be another Ezekiel Crosse. There would never be another soul as bright as his. And that both terrified me and made me savagely - and maybe selfishly - determined to keep him. Zeke was mine now. Forever.

Touch her, and I'll freeze your testicles off and put them in a jar. Understand?

Oh, isn't that sweet, came Jackal's loud, mocking voice... Let's make goo-goo eyes at each other in the middle of a stinking corpse field, how very romantic.

Drag you back if you do not wish to go. Though... the prince consort did mention the phrase, throw away the key, at one point.

If we are talking about choice and regret, what has happened cannot be undone. And dwelling on the past changes nothing. You will only drive yourself to insanity if you do.

Besides, Puck said, grinning his evil grin, who says I came alone?