Growing up on the fringe, you came to accept hard truths. Nothing was fair. the world was cold, unforgiving, and people died. it was just the way things were.

Julie Kagawa

Julie Kagawa

Profession: Author
Nationality: American

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When I said I'd follow you to hell and back, I wasn't trying to be literal, princess.

So, anyway." Jackal's impatient voice broke through our cold standoff. "Not to interrupt this riveting family drama, but are we going to go hunting anytime soon, or are you two going to glare at each other until the sun comes up?

And in the stillness before dawn, on the brink of a war that could tear us apart, our auras danced and twined in the darkness, coiling around each other until they finally merged, becoming one.

Allison, how you live your life is up to you. I can only give you the skills you need to survive. But eventually, you will have to make your own decisions, come to your own terms about what you are. You are Vampire, but what kind of monster you become is out of my hands.

It's not the physical scars that are the most painful.

Tonight, Garret the soldier didn't exist.

Razor appeared on his shoulder with a buzzing laugh. "Stupid goblins," he crowed, bouncing up and down, making Kierran sigh. "Funny, stupid goblins think master is funny elf. Ha!" He buzzed once more and sat down, grinning like a psychotic piranha.

When I saw you with Puck, the day you came to the Nevernever...

You're wondering if you have to prey on humans, if you can survive by drinking the blood of animals or other creatures. You're hoping you won't have to kill people to live. Am I right?

Ouch. You really know how to tear a guy's heart out, don't you, princess?

Um, I guess you're still mad about that whole harpy fiasco. I swear, I thought those caves were empty. How did you overlook a hundred harpies nesting in that cave? Did the giant carpet of bones not tip you off? Oh, sure, complain now. But we found the trod to Athens, didn't we?

But I would not break. I would not give up Ember's location, or Riley's underground. The next few hours might have me wishing I was dead, but I would not betray the girl I loved to the organization. They would have to kill me.

Get some sleep, soldier boy.

Did you say you were going into Tir Na Nog? Lemme guess - you met with our lovely queen, she threatened to turn you into lemurs or something ridiculous and then she told you to go complete some ludicrously impossible task for her. Am I right? When we nodded, he shook his head. I thought so. Well, you know what this means, don't you?