Within six months, if I am not dead, I shall have seen you again, madam--even if I have to overturn the world.

Alexandre Dumas Sr.

Alexandre Dumas Sr.

Profession: Dramatist
Nationality: French

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We must never expect discretion in first love: it is accompanied by such excessive joy that unless the joy is allowed to overflow, it will choke you.

When you return to this mundane sphere from your visionary world, you would seem to leave a Neapolitan spring for a Lapland winter—to quit paradise for earth—heaven for hell! Taste the hashish, guest of mine—taste the hashish.

I prefer rogues to imbeciles, because they sometimes take a rest.

This sometimes happened: from time to time, Dantès, driven out of solitude into the world, felt an imperative need for solitude. And what solitude is more vast and more poetic than that of a ship sailing alone on the sea, in the darkness of night and the silence of infinity, under the eye of the Lord?

No one is as brave, as adventurous or as skillful as D'Artagnan, without at the same time being inclined to be a dreamer.

You talk like a noodle, my friend.

The Countess G—— insists upon it that he is a vampire.

The soul makes its own horizons; your soul is overcast, and that is why the sky seems stormy to you.

He spoke with so much simplicity that it was evident he spoke the truth, or that he was mad.

This being understood, let us proceed with our history.

When I think of you my heart beats fast, the blood burns in my veins and I can hardly breathe.

Business? It's quite simple. It's other people's money.

Ah, lips that say one thing, while the heart thinks another.

God is always the last resource.