Don't use a five-dollar word when a fifty-cent word will do.

Mark Twain

Mark Twain

Profession: Author
Nationality: American

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If man could be crossed with the cat, it would improve man but deteriorate the cat.

The common eye sees only the outside of things, and judges by that, but the seeing eye pierces through and reads the heart and the soul.

Every person is a book, each year a chapter.

All the memories in the world, good or bad, are not worth one slender hope for the future; and.

When a teacher calls a boy by his entire name, it means trouble.

If it is a miracle any sort of evidence will answer. But if it is a fact, proof is necessary.

They know, too, that while in history-building a fact is better than a presumption, it doesn't take a presumption long to bloom into a fact when THEY have the handling of it.

A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.

Prosperity is the best protector of principle.

The trouble isnt that there are too many fools but that the lightning isnt distributed right.

Human beings can be awful cruel to one another.

Sane and intelligent human beings are like all other human beings, and carefully and cautiously and diligently conceal their private real opinions from the world and give out fictitious ones in their stead for general consumption.

As near as I can make out, geniuses think they know it all, and so they won't take people's advice, but always go their own way, which makes everybody forsake them and despise them, and that is perfectly natural. If they was humbler, and listened and tried to learn, it would be better for them.

A newspaper is not just for reporting the news as it is, but to make people mad enough to do something about it.