Love without ownership.

Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho

Profession: Novelist
Nationality: Brazilian

Love without ownership. Paulo Coelho

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Reprogram yourself every minute of each day with thoughts that make you grow. When you're feeling irritated or confused, try to laugh at yourself. Laugh out loud at this woman tormented by doubts and anxieties, convinced that her problems are the most important thing in the world.

Suffering comes from desire, not from pain.

They know what the perfumes are going to say because they.

And one by one, these normal people would describe fantasies that were all to be found in that famous treatise on erotic minorities: a book, in fact, that defended the right of everyone to have the orgasm they chose, as long as it did not violate the rights of their partner.

It is always far easier to have faith in your own goodness than to confront others ad fight for your rights...

I couldn't have found God in the seminary, he thought, as he looked at the sunrise.

Never stop dreaming...follow the omens.

Don't ask permission. If it does not work, you can apologize later.

The problem is that they don't even realize that they're walking a new road every day. They don't see that the fields are new and the seasons change. All they think about is food and water.

I am learning the Language of the World, and everything in the world is beginning to make sense to me … even the flight of the hawks, he.

I think, knowing full well that we always try to interpret things in accordance with what we want ant as they are.

If I stay another day, I'll be here for another year. And if I stayed another year, I'll never leave.

Shugendo means: the way of the art of accumulating experience - he replied, revealing that his interests go beyond the variety of insects in the region - By disciplining one's body to accept everything nature has to offer; in this way you will also educate your soul for that which God has to offer.

His way isn't the same as mine, nor mine as his. But we're both in search of our destinies, and I respect him for that.