Because you believed I was capable of behaving decently, I did.

Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho

Profession: Novelist
Nationality: Brazilian

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I'm joking, it's not really hell, the voice went on. It's worse than hell, not that I've ever actually been there. You're in Villete.

We will only understand the miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected to happen.

We're allowed to make a lot of mistakes in our lives, said her colleague, except the mistake that destroys us.

We are not the person other people wish we were. We are who we decide to be.

There must be a language that doesn't depend on words, the boy thought. I've already had that experience with my sheep, and now it's happening with people.

What does learning mean: accumulating knowledge or transforming your life?

And it has nothing to do with what you can see happening in my body; it's what's happening in my soul.

All of my efforts had been bent on reward; I had not understood that when we want something, we have to have a clear purpose in mind for the thing we want. The only reason for seeking a reward is to know what to do with that reward.

I am in the Aleph, the point at which everything is in the same place at the same time. I'm at a window, looking out at the world and its secret places, poetry lost in time and words left hanging in space...sentences that are perfectly understood, even when left unspoken. Feelings that simultaneously exalt and suffocate.

After a certain age, we put on a mask of confidence and certainty. In time, that mask gets stuck to our face and we can't remove it. As children, we learn that if we cry we'll receive affection, that if we show we're sad, we'll be consoled. If we can't get what we want with a smile, then we can surely do so with our tears.

Age only slows down those who never had the courage to walk at their own pace..

I need to write about love. I need to think and think and write about love-otherwise, my soul won't survive.

I don't know why we human beings are so obsessed with making rules about everything.

A lot of people think something is right, and so that thing becomes right.