Blessed are those who are not afraid to admit that they don't know something.

Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho

Profession: Novelist
Nationality: Brazilian

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They think they're normal, because they all do the same thing. Well, I'm going to pretend that I have drunk from the same well as them.

It's true; life really is generous to those who pursue their Personal Legend.

For those who are not frightened by the solitude that reveals all mysteries, everything will have a different taste.

He who loves has conquered the world and has no fear of anything.

Time and the things that are imprisoned in time's memory.

About the nature of human beings. I discovered that confronted by temptation, we will always fall. Given the right circumstances, every human being on this earth would be willing to commit evil.

What was broken will never be the same again.

We'll make love often in the first year, less in the second, and after the third year, people perhaps think about sex only once every two weeks and transform that thought into action only once a month. Even worse, we'll barely talk.

Those wounded in love, unlike those wounded in armed conflicts, are neither victims nor torturers. They chose something that is part of life, and so they must accept both the agony and the ecstasy of that choice. And those who have never been wounded by love will never be able to say: ‘I have lived.' Because they haven't.

When something is written, there is no way to change it.

Do not do to another that which you would abhor being done to you; that is the law. All the rest is legal commentary.

The two hardest tests on the spiritual road are the patience to wait for the right moment and the courage not to be disappointed with what we encounter.

Don't give in to your fears. If you do, you won't be able to talk to your heart.

Things are never absolute; they depend on each individual's perceptions.