Quitting smoking is easy Ive done it hundreds of times.

Mark Twain

Mark Twain

Profession: Author
Nationality: American

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The signs of excessive indulgence in this destructive pastime are easily detectable. They are these: A disposition to eat, to drink, to smoke, to meet together convivially, to laugh, to joke, and tell indelicate stories— and mainly, a yearning to paint pictures.

Yes, a genuine expert can always foretell a thing that is five hundred years away easier than he can a thing that's only five hundred seconds off.

It's easy to make friends, but hard to get rid of them.

He begged hard, and said he couldn't play—a plausible excuse, but too thin; there wasn't a musician in the country that could.

Like many other simple-hearted souls, it was her pet vanity to believe she was endowed with a talent for dark and mysterious diplomacy, and she loved to contemplate her most transparent devices as marvels of low cunning. Said.

He is now rising from affluence to poverty.

A man who keeps company with glaciers comes to feel tolerably insignificant by and by.

All democrats are insane, but not one of them knows it.

I wish I could make him understand that a loving good heart is riches enough, and that without it intellect is poverty.

I am opposed to millionaires, but it would be dangerous to offer me the position.

Whoever has lived long enough to find out what life is, knows how deep a debt of gratitude we owe to Adam, the first great benefactor of our race. He brought death into the world.

There isn't a parallel of latitude but thinks it would have been the equator if it had had its rights.

When red-haired people are above a certain social grade their hair is auburn.

As an example to others, and not that I care for moderation myself, it has always been my rule never to smoke when asleep, and never to refrain from smoking when awake.