No matter how you are feeling, get up every morning and prepare to let your light shine forth. Those with eyes to see will see your light and be enchanted by it.

Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho

Profession: Novelist
Nationality: Brazilian

Some suggestions for you :

In war, the key to victory is the ability to surprise one's opponent.

If you can dream, you can do.

Truth resides where there is faith.

To show you one of life's simple lessons, the alchemist answered. When you possess great treasures within you, and try to tell others of them, seldom are you believed. They continued across the desert.

It is not time that changes man nor knowledge the only thing that can change someone's mind is love.

But as far as true goodness was concerned, that didn't exist - not in the land of cowardly men.

Time heals everything, don't you think? That depends. Time can often make things worse.

The Warrior of the Light concentrates on the small miracles of daily life. He is capable of seeing what is beautiful because he carries beauty within himself, for the world is a mirror and gives back to each man the reflection of his own face.

Everyone on earth has a treasure that awaits him.

Don't give in to your fears, said the alchemist, in a strangely gentle voice. If you do, you won't be able to talk to your heart. But I have no idea how to turn myself into the wind. If a person is living out his Personal Legend, he knows everything he needs to know.

Everyone, when they are young, know what their Personal Legend is.

He recognized that he was feeling something he had never experienced before : the desire to live in one place forever. With the girl with the raven hair his days would never be the same again.

Sometimes there's just no way to hold back the river.

Whenever you have to find about something, Plunge rightin!