Truth never damages a cause that is just.

Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi

Profession: Leader
Nationality: Indian

Truth never damages a cause that is just. Mahatma Gandhi

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Palestine belongs to the Arabs in the same sense that England belongs to the English or France to the French. It is wrong and inhuman to impose the Jews on the Arabs... Surely it would be a crime against humanity to reduce the proud Arabs so that Palestine can be restored to the Jews partly or wholly as their national home.

We added that the stock component should carry a fair degree of protection against a loss of purchasing power caused by large-scale inflation.

Hinduism insists on the brotherhood of not only all mankind but of all that lives.

Love is the strongest force the world possesses and yet it is the humblest imaginable.

I can say without the slightest hesitation, and yet in all humility, that those who say that religion has nothing to do with politics do not know what religion means.

The richest grace of ahimsa will descend easily upon the owner of hard discipline.

The greatness of humanity is not in being human, but in being humane.

I reject any religious doctrine that does not appeal to reason and is in conflict with morality.

With my meagre knowledge of my own religion i do not want to belong to any religious body.

A man must arrange his physical and cultural circumstances so that they do not hinder him in his service of humanity, on which all his energies should be concentrated.

Effort is within man's control, not the fruit thereof.

Who can say thus far, no further, to the tide of his own nature? Who can erase the impressions with which he is born? It is idle to expect one's children and wards necessarily to follow the same course of evolution as oneself.

My regard for jurisprudence increased, I discovered in it religion. I understood the Gita teaching of non-possession to mean that those who desired salvation should act like the trustee who, though having control over great possessions, regards not an iota of them as his own.

I have known only one way of carrying on missionary work, viz., by personal example and discussion with searchers for knowledge.