It is a just political maxim, that every man must be supposed a knave.

David Hume

David Hume

Profession: Philosopher
Nationality: Scottish

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It is not reason which is the guide of life, but custom.

Beauty is no quality in things themselves. It exists merely in the mind which contemplates them.

Avarice, the spur of industry, is so obstinate a passion, and works its way through so many real dangers and difficulties, that it is not likely to be scared by an imaginary danger, which is so small that it scarcely admits of calculation.

The heights of popularity and patriotism are still the beaten road to power and tyranny.

It is seldom that liberty of any kind is lost all at once.

To be a philosophical sceptic is, in a man of letters, the first and most essential to being a sound, believing Christian.

There ambition can cover its enterprises, even to the person himself, under the appearance of principle, it is the most incurable and inflexibl eof passions.

No testimony is sufficient to establish a miracle, unless the testimony be of such a kind, that its falsehood would be more miraculous than the fact which it endeavors to establish.

Philosophy would render us entirely Pyrrhonian, were not nature too strong for it.

It's when we start working together that the real healing takes place... it's when we start spilling our sweat, and not our blood.

Character is the result of a system of stereotyped principals.

I have written on all sorts of subjects... yet I have no enemies; except indeed all the Whigs, all the Tories, and all the Christians.

It is not contrary to reason to prefer the destruction of the whole world to the scratching of my finger.

He is happy whom circumstances suit his temper; but he Is more excellent who suits his temper to any circumstance.