We do not judge the people we love.

Jean-Paul Sartre

Jean-Paul Sartre

Profession: Philosopher
Nationality: French

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The plight of modern man is that he is condemmed to be free.

All of a sudden something breaks off sharply. The adventure is over, time resumes its daily routine. I turn; behind me, this beautiful melodious form sinks entirely into the past. It grows smaller, contracts as it declines, and now the end makes one with the beginning.

To exist is simply to he there; those who exist let themselves be encountered, but you can never deduce anything from them.

Just the opposite for me, all is drowned in poetic impression; I am ready for all concessions. Suddenly.

General ideas are more flattering. And then professionals and even amateurs always end up by being right.

I can receive nothing more from these tragic solitudes than a little empty purity.

Be self-indulgent, and those who are also self-indulgent will like you. Tear your neighbor to pieces, and the other neighbors will laugh. But if you beat your soul, all souls will cry out.

Fascism is not defined by the number of its victims, but by the way it kills them.

Where shall I keep mine? You don't put your past in your pocket; you have to have a house. I have only my body: a man entirely alone, with his lonely body, cannot indulge in memories; they pass through him. I shouldn't complain: all I wanted was to be free.

Poetry creates the myth, the prose writer draws its portrait.

Everything is gratuitous, this garden, this city and myself. When you suddenly realize it, it makes you feel sick and everything begins to drift…that's nausea.

Once Right has taken hold of a man exorcism cannot drive it out.

When you're alone, you're in bad compny.

She is dearer to me than life. But her suffering comes from within, and only she can rid herself of it. For she is free.