Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself. And no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dream.

Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho

Profession: Novelist
Nationality: Brazilian

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Do you know where the word ‘asylum' comes from? she was saying. It dates back to the Middle Ages, from a person's right to seek refuge in churches and other holy places. The right to asylum is something any civilized person can understand. So how could my father, the director of an asylum, treat someone like that?

It didn't matter that the room would end up awash in blood, and the nuns would be left feeling confused and troubled, for suicide demands that people think of themselves first and of others later.

So you must learn to follow your destiny, whatever it may be, with joy. As flowers grow, they show off their beauty and are appreciated by all; then, after they die, they leave their seeds so that others may continue God's work.

Over-anxiety ultimately banishes every trace of joy from life.

Sometimes, you get no second chance and that its best to accept the gifts the world offers you.

Although I have the colors, only the Lord can mix them with such harmony.

Nothing happens without effort. You have to have faith. And for that, you have to break down the barriers of prejudice, which requires courage. To have courage, you must conquer your fears. And so on and so forth. Let's make peace with our days. We can't forget that life is on our side. It also wants to get better. Let's help it out!

True love is that which manages to avoid unnecessary suffering.

My sadness has become so routine that no one notices anymore. It's really good to finally talk about it, but what I have to say runs deeper than that false happiness. I don't sleep properly anymore. I feel I'm just being self-obsessed, trying to impress people as if I were a child. I cry alone in the shower for no reason.

I've been trying for two years to read this book, and I never get past these first few pages.

We will always meet rivals in everything we do, but the most dangerous are those we believe to be our friends.

I seek to do this through my work: to share my love. Love is also a mysterious thing: the more we share it, the more it multiplies.

But, as time passes, a mysterious force begins to convince them that it will be impossible for them to realise their Personal Legend.

Evil had to manifest itself and fulfill its role, so that ultimately Good could prevail. [...] Evil needs to manifest itself, for them to understand the value of Good.