Evil never goes unpunished, Monsieur. But the punishment is sometimes secret.

Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie

Profession: Author
Nationality: British

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One of the oddest things in life, as we all know, is the way that when you have heard a thing mentioned, within twenty-four hours you nearly always come across it again.

You should employ your little grey cells.

There is nothing more thrilling in this world, I think, than having a child that is yours, and yet is mysteriously a stranger.

What I say is a gentleman's a gentleman even if he does drive a tractor.

They wish not to become adult—not to have to accept our kind of responsibility. And yet like all children, they want to be thought grown up, and free to do what they think are grown up things. And that leads sometimes to tragedy and sometimes to the aftermath of tragedy.

Nineteen, twenty, my plate's empty.' But the reader's plate is full.

And suddenly, with a terrific shock, with that feeling as of blurring on a cinematograph screen before the picture comes to focus, Hercule Poirot realized that this artificially set scene had a point of reality...

From the very first I took a firm and rooted dislike to him, and I flatter myself that my first judgments are usually fairly shrewd.

Of course, if you've made up your mind about it, you'll find an answer to everything.

When I want to get anywhere, I usually do.

You might start a new religion yourself, with the creed: 'There is no one so clever as Hercule Poirot, Amen, D. C. Repeat ad lib.'!

What made Lady Angkatell dangerous, he thought, was the fact that those intuitive, wild guesses of hers might be often right. With a careless (seemingly careless?) word she built up a picture - and if parts of the picture was right, wouldn't you, in spite of yourself, believe in the other half of the picture?...

There's no doubt about what the man's profession has been. He's a retired hairdresser. Look at that moustache of his.

If she'd been born in an African tribe she might have been a witch doctor.