Travel brings power and love back into your life.

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Profession: Poet
Nationality: Persian

Travel brings power and love back into your life. Rumi

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You had better run from me. My words are fire.

The soul lives there in the silent breath.

To the mind there is such a thing as news, whereas to inner knowing, it's all in the middle of its happening. To doubters, this is a pain. To believers, it's gospel. To the lover and the visionary, it's life as it's being lived.

I've gotten free of that ignorant fist that was pinching and twisting my secret self. The universe and the light of the stars come through me.

In fact, my soul and yours are the same, You appear in me, I in you, We hide in each other.

Soul drunk, body ruined, these two sit helpless in a wrecked wagon. Neither knows how to fix it.

There is an invisible strength within us; when it recognizes two opposing objects of desire, it grows stronger.

The world is a mountain. Whatever you say, it will echo it back to you. Don't say, "I sang nicely and the mountain echoed an ugly voice!" That is not possible. The human intellect is a place where hesitation and uncertainty take root. There is no way to overcome this hesitation except by falling in love.

Your breath touched my soul and I saw beyond all limits.

Woman is the light of God.

We are pain and what cures pain, both. We are the sweet cold water and the jar that pours. I want to hold you close like a lute, so that we can cry out with loving. Would you rather throw stones at a mirror? I am your mirror and here are the stones.

Anyone who genuinely and consistently with both hands looks for something, will find it.

In comfort and abundance the Friend raised me. With vein and skin He tailored this ragged body. It's just a robe worn by a Sufi, the heart. The whole universe is a khaneqah1 and He is my Shaikh.

Lovers have heartaches that can't be cured by drugs or sleep, or games, but only by seeing their beloved.