You'll keep quiet and I'll keep talking, for the time has come. And by the way, you know, I've decided we really ought to speak softly, because here … here … the most unexpected ears may turn up.

Fyodor Dostoevsky

Fyodor Dostoevsky

Profession: Author
Nationality: Russian

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I've never been a coward at heart, although I've always been a coward in action.

You must accept it as it is, and hence accept all consequences. A wall is indeed a wall.

All my life I did not want it to be only words. This is why I lived, because I kept not wanting it. And now, too, every day I want it not to be words.

Man is a mystery: if you spend your entire life trying to puzzle it out, then do not say that you have wasted your time. I occupy myself with this mystery, because I want to be a man.

In fact, I believe that the best definition of man is the ungrateful biped.

Bah! you, too, have ideals," he muttered, looking at her almost with hatred, and smiling sarcastically. "I ought to have considered that . . . . Well, that's praiseworthy, and it's better for you . . . and if you reach a line you won't overstep, you will be unhappy . . . and if you overstep it, maybe you will be still unhappier...

He had not even thought of saying this, but it was suddenly said of itself.

I am scared of one thing in my life, to be unworthy of my sufferings.

He doesn't love anyone, and maybe he never will.

I really feel obliged to go to this confounded luncheon.

What's most revolting is that one is really sad! No, it's better at home. Here at least one blames others for everything and excuses oneself.

There is no sin, and there can be no sin on all the earth, which the Lord will not forgive to the truly repentant!

Therefore you, too, mother, know that your infant, too, surely now stands before the throne of the Lord, rejoicing and being glad, and praying to God for you. Weep, then, but also rejoice.

There are the most intense enjoyments, especially when one is very acutely conscious of the hopelessness of one's position.