My main hope is eventually, in modern education field, introduce education about warm-heartedness, not based on religion, but based on common experience and a common sort of sense, and then scientific finding.

Dalai Lama

Dalai Lama

Profession: Leader
Nationality: Tibetan

Some suggestions for you :

We must have a human approach. As far as socioeconomic theory, I am Marxist.

All the joy the world contains has come through wishing happiness through others. All the misery the world contains has come through wanting pleasure for oneself. Is there need for lengthy explanation?

Be a good human being, a warm hearted, affectionate person. That is my fundamental belief.

Try saying the sentence: May my suffering spare others from a similar suffering. How can you use your suffering to alleviate the suffering of others? Can your actions help to prevent others from experiencing similar suffering, or contribute to reducing the suffering of others?

As we saw, sadness is an emotion that expresses our need for one another, and our sorrows are halved when shared.

Ultimately, the source of our problems lies at the level of the individual. If people lack moral values and integrity, no system of laws and regulations will be adequate.

Enemies provide us some of the best opportunities to practice patience, tolerance, and compassion.

Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive.

Lust and hatred give rise to the other counterproductive emotions and thereby create a whole lot of trouble in this world.

Now, for example, as a Buddhist monk, I find Buddhism to be most suitable. So, for myself, I've found that Buddhism is best. But that does not mean Buddhism is best for everyone.

Acceptance was the final pillar of the mind, and it led us to the first pillar of the heart: forgiveness. When we accept the present, we can forgive and release the desire for a different past.

We must recognize that the suffering of one person or one nation is the suffering of humanity.

The essence of any religion is good heart. Sometimes I call love and compassion a universal religion. This is my religion.

Tell them that they can trust their hearts and awareness to awaken in the midst of all circumstances.