Love is the only ecstasy, everything else weeps.

Victor Hugo

Victor Hugo

Profession: Author
Nationality: French

Love is the only ecstasy, everything else weeps. Victor Hugo

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We are in the hands of those gods, those monsters, those giants: our thoughts.

The pun is the dung of the mind which soars. The jest falls, no matter where; and the mind after producing a piece of stupidity plunges into the azure depths.

There are certain natures which cannot have love on one side without hatred on the other.

Peoples, like planets, possess the right to an eclipse. And all is well, provided that the light returns and that the eclipse does not degenerate into night. Dawn and resurrection are synonymous. The reappearance of the light is identical with the persistence of the I.

When those who found this skeleton attempted to disengage it from that which it held in its grasp, it crumbled to dust.

She flourishes and grows green amid ruins; she has ivy for the stones and love for man.

Misery, we repeat, had been good for him. Poverty in youth, when it succeeds, has this magnificent property about it, that it turns the whole will towards effort, and the whole soul towards aspiration.

The delight we inspire in others has this enchanting peculiarity that, far from being diminished like every other reflection, it returns to us more radiant than ever.

Man is the second.

The universe appeared to him like an immense malady; everywhere he felt fever, everywhere he heard the sound of suffering, and, without seeking to solve the enigma, he strove to dress the wound.

If a writer wrote merely for his time, I would have to break my pen and throw it away.

He baptized his adopted child, and named him Quasimodo, either because he wished to mark in this way the day upon which the child was found, or because he wished to show by this name how imperfect and incomplete the poor little creature was. Indeed, Quasimodo, one eyed, hunchbacked, and knock kneed, was hardly more than half made.

I bear the dungeon within me; within me is winter, ice, despair; I have darkness in my soul.

You look at a star for two reasons, because it is luminous, and because it is impenetrable. You have beside you a sweeter radiance and a greater mystery, woman.