Death is Natures expert advice to get plenty of Life.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Profession: Poet
Nationality: German

Death is Natures expert advice to get plenty of Life. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Some suggestions for you :

Hold your powers together for something good and let everything go that is for you without result and is not suited to you.

Every person above the ordinary has a certain mission that they are called to fulfill.

Conscience is the virtue of observers and not of agents of action.

I am contented, happy, and consequently a bad historian.

I find by this, how much an author injures his works by altering them, even though they be improved in a poetical point of view. The first impression is readily received. We are so constituted that we believe the most incredible things; and, once they are engraved upon the memory, woe to him who would endeavour to efface them.

Art is in itself noble; that is why the artist has no fear of what is common. This, indeed, is already ennobled when he takes it up.

The God, above my powers enthroned, He cannot change external forces. So, by the burden of my days oppressed, Death is desired, and Life a thing unblest!

Who is the happiest of men? He who values the merits of others, and in their pleasure takes joy, even as though 'twere his own.

I treat my poor heart like a sick child, and gratify its every fancy. Do not mention this again: there are people who would censure me for it.

MEPHISTO. Good fortune's closely linked to merit, A thought that never enters foolish minds; The Philosopher's Stone's there in their hands? The Philosopher's searching everywhere for it.

All intelligent thoughts have already been thought; what is necessary is only to try to think them again.

From youth, I have been accustomed to direct the eyes of my spirit inwards rather than outwards; and hence it is very natural, that, to a certain extent, I should be acquainted with man, while of men I have not the smallest knowledge.

To tremble before anticipated evils is to bemoan what thou hast never lost.

I treat my little heart like a sick child: whatever it wishes for is granted.