Poverty has in its favour an exquisite sleep filled with beautiful dreams.

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Honore De Balzac

Honore De Balzac

Profession: Novelist
Nationality: French

Poverty has in its favour an exquisite sleep filled with beautiful dreams. Honore De Balzac

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The life of a man who deliberately runs through his fortune often becomes a business speculation; his friends, his pleasures, patrons, and acquaintances are his capital.

The word 'love,' used in connection with the reproduction of our species, is the most odious blasphemy taught in our times.

If you are to judge a man, you must know his secret thoughts, sorrows, and feelings; to know merely the outward events of a man's life would only serve to make a chronological table — a fool's notion of history.

I left, stifling my generous impulse, for I have often observed that while a charitable act may do no harm to the benefactor, it is death to the one who receives it.

Like the moth whose feet are caught in the molten wax of a candle, Rouget rapidly used up his remaining energy.

Manners are the hypocrisy of a nation.

My dear Pierre, the affair is clear, you'll have your head chopped off. Let that be a lesson to you!

A murderer is less loathsome to us than a spy. The murderer may have acted on a sudden mad impulse; he may be penitent and amend; but a spy is always a spy, night and day, in bed, at table, as he walks abroad; his vileness pervades every moment of his life.

When law becomes despotic, morals are relaxed, and vice versa.

So often it happens that this one or that stands condemned by the social laws that govern family relations; and yet there are peculiar circumstances in the case, differences of temperament, divergent interests, innumerable complications of family life that excuse the apparent offence.

For avarice begins where poverty ends.

All happiness depends on courage and work.

The secret of a great success for which you are at a loss to account is a crime that has never been found out, because it was properly executed.

Every compartment in his brain which he had thought to find so full of wit was bolted fast; he grew positively stupid.