If you evoked that frown, what you feared was his disapproval, and when you learned that you had disappointed him, you realized that you needed his approval no less than you needed air, water, and food.

Dean Koontz

Dean Koontz

Profession: Author
Nationality: American

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In time, however, I came to understand that one can adore and desire that which is forever beyond reach. This might, in fact, be the hardest truth of human existence.

He found he was suffering from laugh-deficit disorder.

Only old retired coots and gold-digging bimbos live in Florida.

Life had been hard on this girl, Jacob, but she had enough courage for an army.

Americans thrive on mobility and feel shrunken in spirit when they do not have it.

When we hope, we usually hope for the wrong thing.

A species that can blind itself to truth, that can plunge so enthusiastically along roads that lead nowhere but to tragedy, is sometimes amusing in its recklessness...

I know what it's like to desperately need help, and what I think is it would feel really good to be on the other side, to be able to give help to people who need it, desperately or otherwise.

Maybe magic and love, together, can achieve what magic alone cannot.

I just want to tell good stories. Or write advertising copy.

Life is complicated, but if it wasn't complicated, it would be a roller coaster on a flat track. Wouldn't be a ride worth taking. And, yeah, we never fully know ourselves, but that means we're mysterious enough to interest one another. And if we fully knew ourselves in this world, what reason would we have to still be here ?

Hardly any glow remained in the winter sky. Not the color of gypsum anymore. Ashes now, and poor soot in the east. The falling snow was much brighter than the fading realm above, as if these were flakes of light, the last bits of day shaken loose and cast out by and impatient night.

Perseverance is impossible if we don't permit ourselves to hope.

Some people like to hear themselves talk, but I like to hear myself silent.