The manner in which the Gita has solved the problem is to my knowledge unique. The Gita says, ‘Do your allotted work but renounce its fruit — be detached and work — have no desire for reward and work.

Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi

Profession: Leader
Nationality: Indian

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Hence, we should not be attached even to a good cause. Only then will our means remain pure and our actions too.

Responsibility will mellow and sober the youth and prepare them, for the burden they must discharge.

A moral life, without reference to religion, is like a house built upon sand. And religion, divorced from morality, is like sounding brass, good only for making a noise and breaking heads.

The more I reflect and look back on the past, the more vividly do I feel my limitations.

They cannot take away our self respect if we do not give it to them.

Without an unreserved surrender to His grace, complete mastery over thought is impossible.

A thousand candles can be lighted from the flame of one candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness can be spread without diminishing that of yourself.

The instruments for the quest of truth are as simple as they are difficult. They may appear quite impossible to an arrogant person, and quite possible to an innocent child.

Intolerance is a species of violence and therefore against our creed.

Politics envelops us like the coils of a snake and no way out but to wrestle with it.

My optimism rests on my belief in the infinite possibilities of the individual to develop nonviolence. The more you develop it in your own being, the more it overwhelms your surroundings and by and by might oversweep the world.

Yet even differences prove helpful, where there are tolerance, charity and Truth.

Sir Pherozeshah had seemed to me like the Himalaya, the Lokamanya like the ocean. But Gokhale was as the Ganges.

If we have lost faith in our vernaculars, it is a sign of want of faith in ourselves; it is the surest sign of decay.