Those Catholics, they really nab you when you're young. They sear you. They sear you; they do.

Douglas Coupland

Douglas Coupland

Profession: Author
Nationality: Canadian

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I think the killers get far too much attention.

I think most people either forget or don't know that Microsoft only hires people with I.Q.'s well over 130.

I broke out into a sweat and the worlds of Rilke, the poet, entered my brain -- his notion that we are all of us born with a letter inside us, and that only if we are true to ourselves, may we be allowed to read it before we die.

The best thing about being young is being stupid. Or rather, the best thing about being young is being too stupid to know how stupid you really are.

Later, I would learn that coincidences are the most planned things in the world. Later, I would learn that every single moment is a coincidence.

Your Joan of Arcs and Supermans don't come around too often. Mostly, the world is made up of people like me, plodding along. It's what most people do - plod, plod, plod. While it kills me to come to grips with the fact that I'm like everyone else, that pain is outweighed by the comfort I get from being a member of the human race.

He knew that the fuel his brain craved could only be found in a proper university.

Fashionable people can opt out of the fashion stream, but a stylish person never becomes unstylish unless they hit their head on a rock and suffer brain damage.

Art was always my main focus; I fell into writing by accident in the 1980s, writing magazine articles to pay for my studio. I have to put myself into the position of writing; sometimes it doesn't work, and sometimes it works great.

We decided that the French could never write user-friendly software because they're so rude.

Sometimes you can't realize you're in a bad mood until another person enters your orbit.

Vancouver is the square root of negative one. Technically it shouldn't exist, but it does. I can't imagine living anywhere else.

I don't think I see the world in terms of stupid or clever, but in terms of being able to get irony. There's some awful statistic about only 20 per cent of Americans being able to understand irony.

In periods of rapid personal change, we pass through life as though we are spellcast. We speak in sentences that end before finishing. We sleep heavily because we need to ask so many questions as we dream alone. We bump into others and feel bashful at recognizing souls so similar to ourselves.