Humility like darkness reveals the heavenly lights.

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Henry David Thoreau

Henry David Thoreau

Profession: Author
Nationality: American

Humility like darkness reveals the heavenly lights. Henry David Thoreau

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Every child begins the world again, to some extent, and loves to stay outdoors, even in wet and cold. It plays house, as well as horse, having an instinct for it...At last we know not what it is to live in the open air, and our lives are domestic in more senses than we think.

I think that there is nothing, not even crime, more opposed to poetry, to philosophy, to life itself, than this incessant business.

A broad margin of leisure is as beautiful in a man's life as in a book. Haste makes waste, no less in life than in housekeeping. Keep the time, observe the hours of the universe, not of the cars.

Faith keeps many doubts in her pay. If I could not doubt, I should not believe.

To the SICK the doctors wisely recommed a change of air and scenery.

I love a broad margin to my life.

There must be some nerve and heroism in our love, as of a winter morning.

The man for whom law exists - the man of forms the Conservative is a tame man.

To enhance the quality of the day... that is the highest of the arts.

Some are 'industrious' and appear to love labor for its own sake, or perhaps because it keeps them out of worse mischief; to such I have at present nothing to say.

Gardening is civil and social, but it wants the vigor and freedom of the forest and the outlaw. There may be an excess of cultivation as well as of anything else, until civilization becomes pathetic. A highly cultivated man, -all whose bones can be bent! whose heaven-born virtues are but good manners!

These apples have hung in the wind and frost and rain till they have absorbed the qualities of the weather or season, and thus are highly seasoned, and they pierce and sting and permeate us with their spirit.

A wise man will not leave the right to the mercy of chance, nor wish it to prevail through the power of the majority.

If you can speak what you will never hear, if you can write what you will never read, you have done rare things.