After all, he's not my boyfriend! For that matter, he wouldn't be able to tell a healthy sound from an unhealthy one. He'd have to have his ears cleaned first, since he's becoming alarmingly hard of hearing. But enough about my illness. I'm fit as a fiddle again. I've grown almost half an.

Anne Frank

Anne Frank

Profession: Author
Nationality: German

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Memories mean more to me than dresses.

It is becoming a bad dream-- in the daytime as well as at night. I see him nearly all the time and can't get at him, I mustn't show anything, must remain gay while I'm really in despair.

One gets on better in life if one is not over modest.

You only really get to know a person after a fight. Only then can you judge their true characters!

Leave me alone, let me have at least one night when I don't cry myself to sleep with eyes burning and my head pounding. Let me get away, away from everything, away from this world!

I can't let them see my doubts, or the wounds they've inflicted on me.

I have a family, loving aunts, and a good home. No, on the surface I seem to have everything except my one true friend. All I think about when I'm with friends is having a good time. I can't bring myself to talk about anything but ordinary everyday things. We don't seem to be able to get any closer, and that's the problem.

The world's been turned upside down. The most decent people are being sent to concentration camps, prisons and lonely cells, while the lowest of the low rule over young and old, rich and poor.

Sometimes I'm so deeply buried under self-reproaches that I long for a word of comfort to help me dig myself out again.

What is done cannot be undone, but one can prevent it happening again.

I can't help telling you that I've begin to feel deserted.

Looking back, I realize that this period of my life has irrevocably come to a close; my happy-go-lucky, carefree schooldays are gone forever. I don't even miss them. I've outgrown them. I can no longer just kid around, since my serious side is always there.

It's not just my imagination—looking at the sky, the clouds, the moon and the stars really does make me feel calm and hopeful. It's much better medicine than valerian or bromide. Nature makes me feel humble and ready to face every blow with courage! As.

I don't think of all the misery but of the beauty that still remains. I keep my ideals, because in spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart.