Hm ... yes ... a man holds the fate of the world in his two hands, and yet, simply because he is afraid, he just lets things drift -- that is a truism ... I wonder what men are most afraid of ...

Fyodor Dostoevsky

Fyodor Dostoevsky

Profession: Author
Nationality: Russian

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Yesterday i was a fool,today i know better.

He does not like showing his feelings and would rather do a cruel thing than open his heart freely.

Never trust a woman's tears, Alexey Fyodorovitch.

To talk nonsense in one's own way is almost better than to talk a truth that's someone else's.

Truth won't escape you, but life can be cramped.

The more cunning a man is, the less he suspects that he will be caught in a simple thing. The more cunning a man is, the simpler the trap he must be caught in.

If i die what will become of them? ... What will become of them? ... Who would feed it and who would feed them all?

Fickle is the heart of woman Treacherous and full of vice.

It is curious that this man who, even in my childhood, made such an impression upon me, who had such a crucial influence on the whole bent of my mind, and who perhaps has even cast his shadow over the whole of my future, still remains, even now, a complete enigma to me in many respects.

What, the priest? I don't want him. You haven't got a rouble to spare. I have no sins. God must forgive me without that. He knows how I have suffered.... And if He won't forgive me, I don't care!

When I am upstairs in my little garret I have only to remember and imagine the rustle of your dress, and I am ready to bite off my hands.

Man only likes to count his troubles; he doesn't calculate his happiness.

Why do you demand of me a heroism that perhaps you have not either? It is despotism; it is tyranny. If I ruin anyone, it is only myself.... I am not committing a murder. Why do you look at me like that? Why are you so pale? Rodya, darling, what's the matter?

What made them necessarily imagine that what man needs is necessarily a reasonably profitable wanting? Man needs only independent wanting, whatever this independence may cost and wherever it may lead. Well, and this wanting, the devil knows...