Speech, so a wise old Frenchman said to me once, is an invention of man's to prevent him from thinking.

Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie

Profession: Author
Nationality: British

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Very unfortunately, she had no husband. She had never had a husband, and therefore did not kill a husband.

To get at the cause for a thing, we must study the effect.

He was very much a man of moods, possibly owing to what is styled the artistic temperment. I have never seen, myself, why the possession of artistic ability should be supposed to excuse a man from a decent exercise of self-control.

Oh! money! All the troubles in the world can be put down to money—or the lack of it.

Oh no, I'm not brave. When a thing is certain there's nothing to be brave about. All you can do is to find your consolation.

People don't do things without a reason.

The world is full of good people who do bad things!

My flute, M. Poirot, is my oldest companion. When everything else fails, music remains.

And has it ever occurred to you, Miss Griffith, that you would probably not be able to take a good express train to London if little Georgie Stephenson had been out with his youth movement instead of lolling about, bored, in his mother's kitchen until the curious behaviour of the kettle lid attracted the attention of his idle mind?

Fear is incomplete knowledge.

Nobody ever explains. Yes, Secretaries I have had. No. 1, a murderer fleeing from justice. No. 2, a secret drinker who carries on disreputable intrigues in Italy. No. 3, a beautiful girl who possesses the useful faculty of being in two places at once. No. 4, Miss Pettigrew, who, I have no doubt, is really a particularly dangerous crook in disguise!

As one journeys through life," said Poirot, "one finds more and more that people are often interested in things that are none of their own business. Even more so than they are in things that could be considered as their own business.

Some of us, in the words of the divine Greta Garbo, want to be alone.

The Beddingfeld girl was deep in conversation with the missionary parson, Chichester. Women always flutter round parsons.