My first record came out while I was a senior in high school, which is dangerous.

Will Smith

Will Smith

Profession: Actor
Nationality: American

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The things that have been most valuable to me I did not learn in school.

I love producing. I am loving doing that. I think that is my most natural space in the business. I just love producing or editing and that's where I thrive.

Goofy was the word that was used most often by my sisters because I've been this tall ever since I was 12 years old.

I think with movies I am really connecting to the Joseph Campbell idea of the collective unconscious.

I love being black in America, and especially being black in Hollywood.

I would have absolutely messed up 'The Matrix'.

As a child, I watched 'Dallas' and that was my vision for my life for as long as I could remember.

I was raised in a Baptist household, went to a Catholic church, lived in a Jewish neighborhood, and had the biggest crush on the Muslim girls from one neighborhood over.

I never viewed myself as particularly talented. Where I excel is ridiculous, sickening, work ethic. You know, while the other guy's sleeping, I'm working.

Whatever your dream is, every extra penny you have needs to be going to that.

I don't necessarily believe in organized religion.

Well, all I know is what I read in the papers.

My skin is hard when it comes to my music. But with my movies, I'm still a virgin in a lot of ways. I'm not used to being shot down for no reason.

I'm a student of patterns. At heart, I'm a physicist. I look at everything in my life as trying to find the single equation, the theory of everything.