A new, sad and cheerless feeling constricted his heart; he suddenly realized that at that moment, and for a long time now, he had not been saying what he should have been saying, nor doing what he should have been doing, and that these cards he held in his hands, and had been so pleased about, could be of no help now.

Fyodor Dostoevsky

Fyodor Dostoevsky

Profession: Author
Nationality: Russian

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What's done in a hurry is never well done.

One day is enough for a man to know all happiness. My dear ones, why do we quarrel, try to outshine each other and keep grudges against each other? Let's go straight into the garden, walk and play there, love, appreciate each other and glorify life.

Then I should have chosen a career for myself, I should have been a sluggard and a glutton, not a simple one, but for instance, one with sympathies for everything sublime and beautiful.

The more cunning a man is, the less he suspects that he will be caught in a simple thing. The more cunning a man is, the simpler the trap he must be caught in.

Love God's people. Because we have come here and shut ourselves within these walls, we are no holier than those that are outside, but on the contrary, from the very fact of coming here, each of us has confessed to himself that he is worse than others, than all men on earth...

Silence is always beautiful, and a silent person is always more beautiful than one who talks.

Equality lies only in human moral dignity… Let there be brothers first, then there will be brotherhood, and only then will there be a fair sharing of goods among brothers.

I want to suffer so that I may love.

A kiss on the lips and a dagger in the heart, as in Schiller's Robbers.

Papa will cry, be with papa, was Ilyusha's dying wish, and the boys remembered it. At their head was Kolya Krasotkin.

Like busy bees in springtime, coming and going, sitting and standing, settling together and flying apart.

The great writer was mortally afraid of the rising generation of young revolutionaries, and imagining, through his ignorance of things, that they held the keys to Russia's future, sucked up to them shamelessly, mainly because they paid absolutely no attention to him.

There are situations in life which bring the impartial observer to the conclusion that suicide is a luxury which is within the reach of, and permissible to, wealthy people.

I should like to know what people fear the most: whatever is contrary to their usual habits, I imagine.