Greater self-awareness, he'd told Rocky on a night when sleep wouldn't come, doesn't make a species any happier, pal. If it did, we'd have fewer psychiatrists and barrooms...

Dean Koontz

Dean Koontz

Profession: Author
Nationality: American

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Ah, sir, that's just mean. She's not a Victoria's Secret model. but she's pretty in her way.

Strange how the deepest part of us isn't able to speak more clearly to the part of us that lives only here in the shallows of the world.

We are in this boot camp to learn, that if we don't persevere through all this world's obstacles and all its wounds, we won't earn our next life of great adventure.

Maybe if the death had occurred on the other side of the street, I'd be watching from here with different kids, acting as foolish. Maybe the difference between horror and holiday was just the width of an ordinary street.

I'm black, blind, seriously smart, and sensitive. No age would be easy for me. At least the culture had culture then, it had style.

If a man is a beast, he's a beast in his heart, and that's not the kind of heart that beats in you.

He didn't mind killing children. He looked forward to it.

Every human being has appetites difficult to control but far fewer have humility, gentleness, and an awareness of their weaknesses.

Hell of a thing to have to experience, hell of a thing to have to see, to be reminded you're a human being and all it meant to be one.

A silent black as a moonless lake, as a ravine's wings, darkness there and nothing more, merely this and nothing more...

Such grief might be to them quite delicious, a delicacy.

He had the raw, rough voice of one who had marinated his larynx in whiskey and slow-cooked it in years of cigarette smoke.

What we do as a society is seek simple answers.

You must never lie to yourself, or you are left with no one to trust.